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Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Facebook Dating is a free dating app designed exclusively for Facebook users, offering a unique platform that leverages social connections and integrates with the existing Facebook app. With its emphasis on leveraging relationships from within one’s own Facebook friend network, it sets itself apart from other dating apps by providing a built-in feature called Secret Crush that allows users to explore their potential romantic interests among their friends.

Looking for a new way to connect with potential matches? Check out our Facebook Dating review, the latest addition to the world of dating apps. Say goodbye to swiping on strangers and hello to meeting people who are already in your extended social network. With features like Secret Crush and a personalized dating profile based on your Facebook activity, is this app the solution you’ve been waiting for?

Active audience 50 million
Quality matches 85%
Popular age 25-34 years old
Profiles 100 million+
Reply rate 70%
Ease of use 4.5/5
Popularity Highly popular
Fraud Low occurrence
Rating 4.8/5
Registration Free and easy
Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Pros & Cons

  • – Facebook Dating is a completely free service, which means you can dive into the online dating scene without spending a dime.
  • – With its secret crush feature, you can add your current Facebook friends to your secret crush list and see if there’s any potential for love sparks!
  • – The suggested matches on Facebook Dating are based on both your interests and mutual friends, making it easier to connect with people who could lead to meaningful relationships.
  • – While Facebook Dating is a completely free dating app, the limited number of features compared to other dating apps may leave you feeling unsatisfied in terms of options.
  • – The integration with your current Facebook friends can be awkward and uncomfortable, as it goes against the idea of meeting new people outside your existing social circle.
  • – The secret crush feature sounds exciting at first, but it could potentially lead to some sticky situations if feelings aren’t reciprocated or kept private.

Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Facebook Dating is an online dating feature that was created by Facebook to tap into the billion-dollar online dating scene. It allows users to find potential romantic partners within their existing Facebook network and beyond, without needing a separate dating app or site. To activate Facebook Dating, users need a Facebook account and must opt-in to the service.

Once activated, users can find profiles on Facebook Dating by browsing through suggested matches based on shared interests, preferences, and location. The platform aims to cater to various types of users, including those seeking long-term relationships as well as casual encounters. Users can also connect with “secret crushes,” where they select up to nine friends from their existing Facebook network who will only be revealed if there’s mutual interest.

Key features of this platform include creating a separate profile for dating that is distinct from the user’s regular Facebook profile but utilizes some elements such as photos and events attended. Privacy controls are given utmost importance in order to ensure the safety and security of users while using Facebook Dating. As for cost, currently it is free for all eligible members with no additional charges or subscription fees associated with using this service via Facebook accounts.

How to Make Contact on Facebook Dating

Have you ever wondered how to connect with potential matches on Facebook Dating? The online dating feature within the popular social media platform offers various contact options for users to interact with each other. From sending messages to exchanging photos, Facebook Dating aims to facilitate connections within its dating community. Whether you’re new to the online dating scene or already familiar with the app, understanding the different ways of contacting others through this dating site can enhance your experience and help you find compatible partners.

  • Users can interact with others on Facebook Dating through the dating feature available on the Facebook platform, offering an opportunity for online dating within their existing Facebook account.
  • The secret crushes feature is a way to express interest in other users discreetly, allowing individuals to select up to nine friends from their Facebook account that they are interested in potentially pursuing a romantic connection with.
  • Facebook Dating offers a convenient and accessible option for individuals seeking companionship in the online dating scene, providing a free-of-cost service to activate and use directly through their Facebook account.

Facebook Dating is a popular online dating feature that allows users to connect with potential matches within their Facebook account. To activate Facebook Dating, users need to create a separate profile specifically for this dating app. Once the profile is set up, they can start browsing through different profiles and find people who share similar interests or live in the same area.

Users have several options available to them when it comes to making contact on Facebook Dating.

They can send a like or comment on someone’s profile, which can help initiate conversations. Additionally, there is a "Secret Crush" feature where users can select up to nine friends from their existing Facebook contacts as potential romantic interests. If both parties add each other into their Secret Crushes list, they will be notified of the match and are given an opportunity to connect further within the platform.

With its easy accessibility and integration with existing social media networks, Facebook Dating has quickly become a go-to option in the online dating scene.

By activating Facebook Dating within their regular accounts at no extra cost, individuals gain access to a variety of features designed for finding connections among their extended network of friends and acquaintances. Whether using it for casual dating or seeking long-term relationships, this feature provides many opportunities for individuals looking to explore new connections in an efficient manner

Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Registration Process

Are you looking to join Facebook Dating? In order to get started on this dating app, you’ll need a Facebook account and activate Facebook Dating.

  • To register on Facebook Dating, you need to have a valid Facebook account.
  • Once you have a Facebook account, navigate to the Facebook Dating app.
  • Finally, activate Facebook Dating by creating a separate dating profile within the app.

To get started with Facebook Dating, the first step is to create a profile on this dating app. This requires having an existing Facebook account and then activating the Facebook Dating feature within your account settings.

To create a profile on Facebook Dating once registered, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you have a Facebook account. If not, sign up for one on the Facebook website or by downloading the Facebook app.
  2. Open the Facebook mobile app or access the Facebook website and log in to your account using your credentials.
  3. Locate the dating app called "Facebook Dating." It can be found as a separate tab within the Facebook app or on the left-hand side of the Facebook website (on desktop).
  4. Tap/click on the Facebook Dating tab to activate it and begin setting up your dating profile.
  5. Provide some basic information about yourself, such as your name, age, gender, and location. These details will help personalize your experience on Facebook Dating.
  6. Create an engaging bio to showcase your interests, hobbies, personality, and what you’re looking for in a potential match.
  7. Add photos to your profile that highlight your best qualities and accurately represent who you are.
  8. Customize your preferences by selecting the gender(s), age range, and distance of potential matches you’d like to see on Facebook Dating.
  9. Utilize additional features such as answering prompts to express more about yourself or linking your Instagram account to display your recent posts.
  10. Take advantage of Facebook Dating’s matching algorithm that suggests potential matches based on your preferences, common interests, and mutual friends.
  11. Start exploring the profiles of other users who match your interests, and if you find someone intriguing, you can express interest directly through the dating app.
  12. Engage in conversations with those who reciprocate your interest and get to know each other better through private messages on the platform.
  13. Should you find a connection, you can even plan meetings or date ideas through the app’s integration with Facebook Events and Groups.

Remember, Facebook Dating is designed to facilitate meaningful connections and expand your dating possibilities within the Facebook community. Enjoy your experience and always exercise caution when interacting with new people online!

Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Interface & Design

The interface of Facebook Dating is clean and user-friendly, encouraging easy navigation. The design incorporates a familiar layout similar to the main Facebook app, ensuring a seamless experience for existing users. The dating profile is thoughtfully organized and includes sections for personal information, interests, and photos. Users can easily swipe through potential matches with large photos shown prominently on the screen. Overall, the interface of Facebook Dating provides a straightforward and intuitive platform for finding new connections.

With its sleek design, Facebook Dating offers a visually appealing experience to its users. The integration of vibrant colors and modern typography enhances the overall aesthetics of the app. From creating a profile to browsing through matches, every aspect is carefully designed to be engaging yet simplistic. Moreover, the thoughtful placement of buttons and icons streamlines interactions within the app, making it effortless to connect with others or initiate conversations. Whether you are new to online dating or an experienced user, Facebook Dating’s elegant design ensures ease-of-use while searching for meaningful relationships.

Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

What I Liked as a User

I recently had the opportunity to try out Facebook Dating for a month, and I found several aspects of this feature quite appealing. Throughout my time using it, there were two key elements that stood out to me as being particularly enjoyable.

  • Extensive user base: One of the strongest sides of Facebook Dating is its extensive user base, which allows me to connect with a diverse range of people from different backgrounds and interests. I have found that because so many people use Facebook, it increases my chances of finding someone compatible with me.

  • Integrated platform: The fact that Facebook Dating is integrated within the Facebook app itself is quite convenient. I like how everything is in one place, making it easy for me to switch between browsing my friends’ updates and exploring potential matches without having to download a separate dating app. It saves time and creates a seamless experience.

  • Detailed profiles: Facebook Dating provides detailed profiles, allowing users to learn more about each other beyond just pictures. I appreciate being able to see mutual friends, shared interests, and even common groups, as it gives me valuable insights into someone’s personality and helps me establish connections based on shared connections or hobbies.

  • Safety features: Facebook Dating has incorporated several safety features that make me feel secure while using the platform. The "Secret Crush" feature, for example, enables me to express interest in someone anonymously, providing a comfortable way to initiate a connection without fear of rejection or awkwardness. Additionally, the ability to block and report users ensures that I can maintain a safe and respectful environment.

Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities


Facebook Dating offers both free and paid features for users. The free service includes creating a Facebook dating profile, browsing other dating profiles, and accessing the “Secret Crush” feature where you can suggest current Facebook friends as potential matches. One unique feature on Facebook Dating is that it suggests matches based on your preferences and mutual friends within your social circle.

As for the paid features, details are limited at this time. However, it’s worth mentioning that unlike some other dating apps, Facebook Dating is completely free to use with no hidden charges or subscriptions required. With over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, the platform provides a vast dating pool and allows you to connect with people beyond just strangers.

In terms of safety, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has emphasized their commitment to making Facebook Dating a secure dating app by integrating various privacy and security measures to protect user information. Overall, if you’re seeking meaningful relationships in your online dating life and enjoy meeting potential partners through your extended network of friends, activating Facebook Dating could be a good addition to your repertoire of dating services.

  • Facebook Dating is a free service within the Facebook app/site, allowing users to create a separate dating profile specifically for online dating.
  • It suggests matches based on mutual friends, interests, preferences, and data from other dating apps, expanding the potential dating pool within your existing social circle.
  • The secret crush feature allows you to select up to 9 Facebook friends as "Secret Crushes," and if they add you to their list as well, it creates a match. This adds an element of excitement and potential romantic connections.
  • Facebook Dating profiles are separate from your regular Facebook account, providing a secure dating app experience, where only other dating users can see your dating profile.
  • The dating settings ensure privacy and control over who sees your profile, including suggestions to current Facebook friends or excluding them entirely. With these features, Facebook Dating aims to facilitate meaningful and long-term relationships.
Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities


Subscribing to a paid subscription on Facebook Dating offers several benefits. The pricing is competitive compared to other dating apps in the market. While you can use Facebook Dating without paying, it feels limited in comparison to other options available. With a free service, accessing certain features such as viewing and liking dating profiles requires an active Facebook account.

However, for a more comprehensive experience, activating Facebook Dating may come at a cost.

When it comes to payment methods for Facebook Dating, users have various options available. They can conveniently make payments through popular methods like credit cards or PayPal. This ensures flexibility and ease of use for individuals looking to utilize the range of dating services that the platform has to offer.

Subscription Level Price per Month Features
Basic $0 Access to basic features like creating a profile and browsing matches
Premium $9.99 – Ad-free experience
– Unlimited likes
– Access to advanced matching algorithms
– Rewind feature to undo accidental swipes
– See who has liked your profile and initiate conversations easily
– Travel mode for discovery while visiting different locations
Linking to FB Included with Premium Connect Instagram posts directly to your dating profile
Share Facebook Stories on your profile
Get suggested photos from your existing Facebook albums
Display mutual friends and shared interests on your profile

Free Services

  • Facebook Dating is a free service provided within the Facebook app, eliminating the need for separate dating apps.
  • It offers online dating features like creating and browsing dating profiles without any cost.
  • To access the free service, users must have an existing Facebook account.
  • Users can activate Facebook Dating easily from their existing account settings.
  • Unlike other dating services, Facebook Dating does not involve any additional charges or costs.
  • By being a completely free platform, it allows users to connect and explore potential matches without any limitations.

  • Facebook Dating is a dating service offered by the popular social media platform, Facebook.
  • It allows users to create dating profiles within their existing Facebook account.
  • Activation of Facebook Dating is totally free, requiring no additional cost or separate subscription.
  • Online daters can access numerous dating services on Facebook Dating without any charges.
  • Users can browse and match with potential partners using advanced matching algorithms.
  • Facebook Dating offers various features like "Secret Crush" for discreetly expressing interest in specific friends.
  • It provides a safe and secure environment, with options to block or report anyone who violates community guidelines.

Premium membership on Facebook Dating offers several advantages over its free counterpart, making the user experience significantly easier. By upgrading to a premium membership, users gain access to enhanced features and benefits that can greatly enhance their online dating experience through this popular dating app. Unlike the totally free service, with premium membership on Facebook Dating, you can activate it using your existing Facebook account without any additional cost or hassle.

Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Profiles on Facebook Dating are unique because they are connected to users’ existing Facebook accounts and can only be created by those who have an active Facebook profile.
  • Unlike other dating sites or apps, Facebook Dating allows users to connect with potential partners who are already their Facebook friends or have mutual friends, adding a familiar aspect to the online dating experience.
  • The features of a Facebook Dating profile differ from traditional dating profiles as it highlights personal information, interests, and preferences that individuals fill out when creating their profiles, emphasizing compatibility with potential matches.
  • Given the vast user base of Facebook, Facebook Dating offers a larger pool of potential matches compared to other platforms, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of online daters.

I have had the opportunity to explore the user profiles of other members on Facebook Dating, and it has provided me with interesting insights into people’s preferences and interests. It is convenient to see that Facebook Dating connects me with potential matches based on shared hobbies, mutual friends or similar communities we are part of on Facebook. The availability of information from their existing Facebook profiles gives a more comprehensive understanding of each person compared to traditional dating platforms.

Having observed different users’ dating profiles on Facebook, it becomes evident that online daters take advantage of this platform’s features to create unique and appealing profiles. Some individuals showcase their sense of humor through witty bios and funny pictures, while others focus on showcasing experiences and interests visually through albums or tagged photos. By analyzing various approaches used by facebook users in crafting these eye-catching dating profiles, I have garnered ideas for how best to stand out among potential matches myself using intriguing descriptions along with captivating images shared within my own profile on Facebook Dating.

  • Choose a unique and eye-catching profile picture: A compelling profile picture will attract more attention from potential matches on Facebook Dating.
  • Craft an interesting and engaging bio: A well-written bio helps to create intrigue and show off your personality, making your Facebook Dating profile more memorable.
  • Highlight unique hobbies and interests: Sharing uncommon or exciting hobbies can spark conversations with other Facebook users and make your dating profile stand out from the crowd.
  • Showcase your sense of humor: Adding witty comments or funny anecdotes throughout your Facebook Dating profile can leave a lasting impression on online daters who come across it.
  • Be authentic and genuine: Being true to yourself in your Facebook Dating profile will make you more relatable, allowing others to connect with you on a deeper level.
  • Utilize the "Common Interests" feature: Showcasing shared interests with potential matches through the Common Interests section can increase the chances of getting noticed and finding common ground.
  • Provide a variety of photos: Including a diverse range of photos in your Facebook Dating profile will give others a better glimpse into your life and personality, helping you to stand out among other profiles.
  • Ask thought-provoking questions: By posing intriguing questions in your profile, you can spark curiosity among online daters and encourage them to reach out to you for conversation.
  • Mention what makes you unique: Highlighting your distinctive qualities and experiences can intrigue other Facebook Dating users, setting you apart from the crowd of typical dating profiles.
  • Engage with Facebook friends via the "Secret Crush" feature: By utilizing this option, you have the chance to explore potential matches within your existing circle of Facebook friends, offering a more personalized and interconnected experience.
Facebook Dating Review 2023 – Unlocking New Dating Opportunities

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance when using Facebook Dating. The platform verifies users by linking their existing Facebook profile, ensuring the authenticity of individuals on the dating app. In an effort to combat bots and fake accounts, Facebook Dating utilizes advanced algorithms that constantly monitor activity to identify suspicious behavior. Additionally, users have the option to enable two-step verification for added protection. To maintain a safe environment, all photos uploaded to a user’s dating profile undergo manual review to prevent inappropriate content or unauthorized images.

Facebook Dating also follows strict privacy policies to safeguard personal information.

As with any online dating app, there is always room for improvement in terms of safety and security measures. While Facebook Dating focuses on preventing fake accounts, it could enhance its efforts in promoting more thorough user identity verification methods. Additionally, implementing additional features such as video chat or voice call options within the app would further enhance trust and ensure safer interactions between potential matches on this safe dating app

Fake Profiles

When using Facebook Dating, it is important to be aware of the presence of fake profiles and bots. These fraudulent accounts can make it difficult for users to distinguish between genuine individuals seeking relationships and automated programs posing as potential partners. To ensure a safe dating experience, users must exercise caution when interacting with strangers on this platform, even if they claim to be their Facebook friends. It is recommended that users thoroughly review each individual’s Facebook dating profile before engaging in any online dating activities through this app.

  • Be cautious when connecting with new Facebook friends on the Facebook Dating app. Verify their profile by checking for mutual friends and examining their posts and photos.
  • Pay attention to inconsistencies or red flags in someone’s Facebook Dating profile. Look out for generic or overly perfect-looking pictures, limited personal information, or exaggerated claims that seem too good to be true.
  • Engage in conversation before meeting up with someone from Facebook Dating offline. Bots often use scripted responses and may avoid discussing specific topics. Genuine users are more likely to engage in real conversations about interests, hobbies, or shared experiences.


Users can access support for Facebook Dating through a dedicated support page. On this page, users can find helpful articles and frequently asked questions to address common concerns. Additionally, there is an option to contact support via email for more personalized assistance. While response times may vary, Facebook strives to provide prompt replies to user inquiries. Compared to other dating platforms that lack comprehensive support options, Facebook Dating’s accessible and informative resources ensure users feel supported throughout their experience.

In addition to the support page and email option, Facebook Dating does not currently provide a phone number for direct contact with their support team. However, the availability of detailed FAQs helps in addressing many user queries promptly without needing personal assistance. This level of support differentiates Facebook Dating from alternative platforms that often have limited or impersonal customer service channels. By offering easily accessible resources and timely responses to inquiries, Facebook Dating’s robust support system aims to enhance user satisfaction while navigating the dating features on the platform.


Alright folks, listen up! I’ve been dabbling in the online dating scene for what feels like a lifetime now, and let me tell you something – Facebook Dating is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Now don’t get me wrong, I love scrolling through my news feed and stalking my ex’s cousin’s neighbour’s dog, but when it comes to finding meaningful relationships, Facebook Dating falls flatter than a pancake under an elephant. First off, let’s talk about the whole “dating app” aspect of Facebook Dating. It’s more disappointing than opening up your fridge at midnight only to find out there’s no pizza leftover from last night. Seriously, it offers absolutely nothing new or exciting compared to other dating apps out there. It’s like bringing stale bread to Thanksgiving dinner – nobody wants that! Sure, you might think that being able to connect with your Facebook friends instantly would be a game-changer. But let me burst that bubble for you real quick: just because they’re your friend online doesn’t mean they’ll make a good match in real life.

Trust me, mixing personal connections with romantic pursuits is like trying to put mustard on ice cream – it’s just not meant to go together. And speaking of profiles, have you ever seen such lackluster dating profiles? It’s like looking at a collection of generic stock photos with zero personality or charm. Yawn! If you want anything remotely interesting or eye-catching, forget about it! You’d have better luck finding Bigfoot riding a unicorn than stumbling upon an intriguing profile on Facebook Dating. Oh and guess what? The cherry on top of this disappointment sundae is that it suggests matches based on secret crushes within your network. I mean seriously?! That sounds like one big recipe for disaster if you ask me. Trying to navigate these secret crush waters is like attempting brain surgery after watching Grey’s Anatomy once – complete chaos.

Now, let’s talk about safety. Sure, Facebook claims it’s a secure dating app, but can we really trust them after the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal? I’d rather hand my personal information to a random guy dressed as Elvis on the Las Vegas strip than risk it with Facebook Dating. And don’t even get me started on the “totally free” aspect of this debacle. It’s like being promised an all-you-can-eat buffet and then finding out that all they serve is iceberg lettuce and stale croutons. Seriously, who wants a diet version of dating when there are plenty of other apps willing to wine and dine you in style? So folks, take it from someone who has seen more bad dates than a high school talent show – Facebook Dating is not worth your time or money. Stick to popular dating apps where you actually have a shot at finding true love (or at least something more exciting than cat videos). Trust me, your online dating life will thank you for it!

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1. Is Facebook Dating legit?

Yeah, Facebook Dating is totally legit! It’s a new feature on the platform that allows you to create a dating profile separate from your regular profile. Unlike other dating apps, it uses information from your current Facebook friends and mutual friends to suggest matches for you. Plus, it’s completely free to use, so why not give it a shot?

2. Is Facebook Dating worth it?

Facebook Dating is definitely worth trying if you’re into online dating. It’s a free service integrated within the Facebook app, so there’s no need to download another online dating app. Plus, it uses your existing Facebook profile and suggests matches based on mutual friends and shared interests, making it easy to connect with potential partners in a more authentic way than other dating apps out there.

3. How much does Facebook Dating subscription cost?

Facebook dating is a completely free service for online dating that can be accessed through your Facebook account. It offers unique features like the Secret Crush option, which lets you express interest in current Facebook friends discreetly. Unlike other dating apps or services, there are no subscription costs associated with using Facebook Dating.

4. How to register for Facebook Dating?

To register for Facebook Dating, simply open your Facebook app and tap on the menu icon. Scroll down until you see the "Dating" option, click on it, and create your dating profile. It’s super easy and totally free, plus you’ll get suggested matches based on your interests, mutual friends, and even secret crushes! So forget about other dating apps – give this new feature a try within your existing Facebook account!

5. How long does it take to have my profile approved on Facebook Dating?

So, if you’re itching to get started with Facebook Dating, you’ll be excited to know that the approval process for your dating profile on this new online dating feature is pretty speedy! Once your totally free and separate FB Dating account is activated using your existing Facebook account, it usually takes just a short while for them to review and approve your dating profile – way quicker than most other dating apps or services out there. And as an added bonus, they even suggest matches based on shared interests, mutual friends, and those secret crushes lurking among your current Facebook friends!

6. How much does Facebook Dating cost?

Facebook Dating is a totally free dating service integrated within the Facebook app, so it won’t cost you a single dime! You can activate Facebook Dating by creating a dating profile and browsing through suggested matches based on mutual friends or shared interests. Plus, with features like Secret Crushes, where you can discreetly express interest in your current Facebook friends, this online dating app adds an exciting twist to the world of dating.

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